August 7, 2009

My 1st 135mm film result

I went to take my 1st rol of developed film the next day as soon as I finished my work together with my 2nd roll of film

The result of my 1st roll was bad

The shop owner even didn't help me to scan the picture as what I have requested due to the shaky and serious light leakage problem

I was disappointed

After some discussion with the shop owner, I realized that the light leakage problem was mainly due to the way that I have taken out my film from my camera

Since it was my 1st time taking out the film from my camera, I did it inside a cupboard which was not dark enough for the film and that had spoiled the film

However, I took out my 2nd film from my camera inside my black office bag

According to the shop owner, that would not work for the film as well since the film is really sensitive to light

I was advised to take out the film inside a professional 'black bag' to solve the problem

He also suggested me to start with 120mm film instead of 135mm film since I am new and the camera was meant for 120mm film

I taken his advice and get my 120mm film from the store

Hopefully my second roll will be better

---- to be continued ----

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