July 18, 2009

The photographic results of LOMOGRAPHY

Blue skies, brightly colored objects, pink noses of pets, young people pulling faces are common.

The original Lomo cannot focus so close, and anyway rules 6 and 7 discourage focusing. The photographs are often out of focus (especially when they are of pets' noses). This "effect" can of course be achieved with most cameras.

Degraded edges
The original Lomo has better image quality in the center than at the edges. This effect — much more pronounced with the Holga, which adds vignetting — can of course be achieved with many cheap cameras.

Lurid colors
The original Lomo is widely believed to produce vivid colors. This claim has gone unexplained, and the evidence provided for it is much less a matter of the lens (or camera) than of film processing techniques, which can of course be equally applied to film from any 35mm camera.


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