July 23, 2009

My lomography crush

I am quite new in lomography

The first time I heard about 'lomo' was during my architectural workshop in Melacca with student from University of Kansas, US

One of the Kansas student (Keith Moore) was using lomo cam

At first, I didn't take much attention to the camera until he posted the photo in Facebook

The effect was..."woh!!"

All that pictures really attract me

Then, I went to all those old photography shops around Kepong area and what I can get was only film camera with expensive offer

The second time I came across with lomography again was very intentionally

I was searching for Hong Kong travel guide in Google

Then, there was a link to lomography in one of the website

That made me took the effort to search online and get to know more about lomography

I get more and more excited when I go deeper in lomography

I started to search for sources that I can get my lomo camera from and compare the prices

After the research, I decided to buy my first lomo camera - Black Holga 120 GN

----- to be continued -----

All the pictures above was taken by Keith Moore

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